Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saturday Workshop Summary - "Maximizing Ancestry.com"

CVGS member Myrna Goodwin presented "Maximizing Ancestry.com" to 26 attendees on Saturday, 10 March at Bonita-Sunnyside Library.

She had three main topics:

a)  Getting more out of Ancestry.com -- by paying for it (even for only a month at a time), having a public Ancestry Member Tree as "cousin bait," attaching records and photos to persons in your tree, syncing your Family Tree Maker (FTM) file with your Ancestry tree, and using mobile apps on readers, tablets or smart phones in order to update Ancestry Member Tree data and create interest with relatives.

b)  Research your ancestors -- especially in online Newspapers (announcements, obituaries, human-interest articles, etc. - glimpses into your ancestor's life), Directories (find residences, occupations, relatives, living persons) and Maps (farm/home locations, see neighbors) on Ancestry.com.  This information can provide "breakthroughs" and add "family history" information to ancestral families.

c)  Collaborate with others -- Invite others to see and contribute to your tree as a Guest or Contributor, use the Ancestry MemberConnect and "confidential" message features.

Myrna noted that she has been contacted many distant family members because of her Ancestry Member Tree, and has found many photographs on the Trees of distant cousins.  She noted that a benefit of using the Family Tree Maker sync to Ancestry Member Trees is that the user has the attached document images in their FTM file, and can create reports and charts.  They can also standardize locality data, merge duplicate persons, and correct other data errors easily in FTM, then sync it back to the Ancestry tree.

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