Thursday, December 14, 2017

Annual Holiday Luncheon Meeting on Wednesday, 13 December at Chula Vista South Library

The CVGS Annual Holiday Luncheon will be Wednesday, 13 December, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Chula Vista South Library (389 Orange Avenue) in the Conference Rooms.

Turkey, ham and drinks will be provided by CVGS.  

The potluck breakdown for the rest of the meal will be coordinated by JoAnn Bonner (phone 619-421-3628, email and Ana Castro (phone 619-781-8441, email  Please contact them by 12/10 to coordinate the potluck dishes.  The schedule is:

A to F Surnames:  Snack trays, Condiments, Olives, Pickles, Cranberry Sauce, etc.
G to K Surnames:  Potatoes (Irish or Sweet), Veggies, Casserole
L to P Surnames:  Desserts
Q to Z Surnames:  Salads, Rolls, Butter

 A sign-up sheet was passed around at the 29 November program meeting.

There will be a free door prize drawing, and attendees may bring an optional bring one/get one gift exchange item ($10 limit).  Attendees are requested to bring non-perishable food and/or unwrapped toys for donation to the Salvation Army.

A business meeting will be held to review the 2017 CVGS year, and to share "What is your favorite holiday gift?"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

CVGS November 29th Program Review - "Heirloom Show and Tell"

There were about 30 attendees at the "Heirloom Show and Tell" program on 29 November.

There were 11 CVGS members who presented their heirlooms, with the help of Gary who showed photographs of the treasures on the big screen.  The heirloom presenters and their heirloom treasures were:

*  Diane shared a quilt and photos of her grandson Giovanni since his birth one year ago.  She noted that she keeps newspapers for all of the family birth dates.

*  Bobbie presented a two-page 15-generation pedigree chart of her French-Canadian ancestry which she received from a relative.

*  Karen Y. brought a sterling silver sugar bowl and creamer service that was a gift to her grandparents, and a wedding gift to Karen.

*  Ralph shared a wooden Jesus Christ crucifix that his family obtained in Mexico.

*  Randy presented five beautiful copper enamel art pieces created by his mother, Betty (Carringer) Seaver during her life as therapy for having four males in the family.  

*  Susan shared a teddy bear made from a fur coat which she received as a child.

*  Susi showed a painting of her grandmother, and portraits of two more relatives. 

*  Joanna discussed a small Bavarian tea pot.

*  Nancy presented a circular family tree.

*  Gary showed mystery photos he has received over the years for which he doesn't know who provided them.  

*  Ceasar presented photos of Internet antique browsers from the first ARPANET web browser, Mosaic, and Netscape Navigator.

This was a fun program, and has become an annual program event.