Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saturday Workshop on 4 December is about Charts and Forms

The December 4th Saturday workshop program is at 12 noon at the Bonita Library (4375 Bonita Road in Bonita) in the Conference Room.

This session is titled "Research Charts That Help Organize Your Information" and will be hosted by Susi Pentico, the CVGS Education Chair.

The Seminar Committee found and liked the looks of some of the forms that interrelate to each other in researching and documenting your genealogy. The forms being presented will be: Research Calendar, Research Journal/Log, Research Checklist and Research Questions.

They will show how they ‘help a researcher locate past data that may be filed in a notebook that could/should be filed in a specific way, for ease of access.” The purpose of this workshop is to encourage attendees to use these charts in order to expand their chart knowledge and research organization.

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