Friday, August 3, 2007

LDS/FHL Research Guides

The LDS Family History Library has created Research Guides for all US states, and many countries and specific topics. Each state Research Guide provides an extended description of the different types of records available to researchers, and describes the holdings of the Family History Library (in book or microform format) of those records.

You can purchase individual Research Guides at Family History Centers (the prices are very reasonable), or you can read them or download them from the LDS FamilySearch web site. The list of available Research Guides is at

You can download these to your computer and print them on your own printer. I have downloaded many of them to my computer and put them on my laptop - these guides are usually the first reference I check when I have a research problem in a state or topic I have not researched in before.

CVGS purchased a set of about 60 Research Guides about three years ago from the FHC. We have them in binders in our file drawers at the library.

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