Friday, August 31, 2007

Chula Vista History Books

There are a number of books in the Chula Vista Public Library system that provide historical background about the city, including information before 1911 when it was incorporated as a city.

The books I've found include:

1. Karna Webster, "Chula Vista Heritage, 1911-1986," published by the City of Chula Vista, 1986. In Reference stacks, call number 979.498 WEB. This is a history book that describes the early days, cityhood, important people, etc. There are many historical pictures in this book.

2. "Family, Friends and Homes," published by the Chula Vista Historical Society, 1994. In Reference stacks, call number 979.498 CHU. This is a collection of articles submitted by community members, plus a survey of historical sites and articles about groups and organizations.

3. "Stories, Tales, Folk-lore of our Communities," Volume 1, Chula Vista Historical Society, no date. In Non-fiction circulating stacks, call number 979.498 CHULA Vol. 1. This is a collection of stories about the early days of Chula Vista compiled by the CVHS.

4. "Chula Vista - The Early Years," 7 Volumes, Chula Vista Historical Society, 1992-2000. In Non-fiction circulating stacks, call number 979.498 CHULA Vol. 1 to Vol. 7. These small books are compilations of stories from the past that were published in the "Bulletin," the Chula Vista Historical Society newsletter published monthly for about 10 years, starting in October 1981. The seven volumes cover:

* Volume 1- John J. Montgomery, The First Citrus Orchards, VFW Post 211, Fredericka Manor, Sweetwater Union High School, Street Names, Otay Watch Factory, What's a Chula?, and many more. (1992)
* Volume 2- Memories of Alf Lansley, The Piper Ranch of Otay Mesa, Western Salt Company, South Bay YMCA, Chula Vista Mutual Lemon Association, Shangri-La, The Mysterious Fire.
* Volume 3- Imperial Beach, San Diego Country Club, Adobes, The Indians of Otay Mesa, The Cook Ranch (1994).
* Volume 4- The Little Landers Colony of San Ysidro, The Battle of Tijuana (1995).
* Volume 5- No copies are available.
* Volume 6- Churches of the South Bay- Their Stories and Photographs (1997).
* Volume 7- Native Americans of the Otay Area, Sweetwater Dam Keeper, Bonita School, R. Tyce and the Chula Vista Airport, Montgomery Fire District (2000).

Each of these works has information about the early history and early settlers of Chula Vista. I will summarize the Tables of contents of these works in the next few weeks.

From a genealogical standpoint, the biographical data of the settlers and residents of Chula Vista may be useful in answering queries that are occasionally received by the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

The Chula Vista Heritage Museum is located at 360 Third Ave (east side of Memorial Park), Chula Vista CA 91910-3932, phone (619) 427-8092. The Museum is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm - 5pm (it may also be open during special events) The Society web page is at

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