Saturday, June 28, 2014

CVGS Annual Picnic Review

The Annual CVGS Picnic was held on Wednesday, 25 June at the ranch-style home of Gary and Wanda Brock in Bonita.  We had a wonderful time, with about 35 members and guests attending.  It was a wonderful early summer day, sunny with breezes and about 75F.

Their grandchildren were the parking lot directors and shuttle drivers to deliver attendees to the large shady areas amidst the trees near the house, with tables under awnings and a large tarpaulin.  The food tables, and barbecue area, were nearby.  Gary had set up a large display board and some tables to show the military memorabilia of some of the members.

This was a pot luck picnic, with hot dogs, bratworsts and hamburgers supplied by CVGS and cooked to perfection by Gary.  The members brought a wide range of hors d'oevres, salads, beans, veggies, fruit and desserts.  Nobody went home hungry - that's for sure!  

After an hour of sharing with our table mates, we ate the food, and then had an hour of hearing members speak about their ancestors who were in the military and describing the memorabilia they brought to share.  In the last hour, we got to stroke and feed carrots and apples to Tacoma, the Brock's thoroughbred (retired racehorse) who loves people.

I took lots of pictures!  Here are some of them:

1)  Linda, Ann, Susan, Wanda and Jane at my table:

2)  Chef Gary working his magic on the meat:

3)  Arlene and Jane enjoying the food variety:

4)  Ana, Bethel and Jacquie enjoying lunch:

5)  Arlene, ????? and Karen enjoying dessert:

6)  Diane describing her ancestors' military service:

7)  Linda feeding Tacoma a carrot, with Gary supervising:

This was a wonderful picnic with excellent and plentiful food, lots of table sharing and it was fun!  Let's do it again next year!

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