Monday, November 4, 2013

CVGS Research Trip to FamilySearch Center - Learned About FamilySearch Family Tree

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society research trip on Wednesday, 30 October, to the FamilySearch Center in Mission Valley (4195 Camino del Rio South in San Diego) was educational for 12 attendees.  This event was planned and led by CVGS Member John Finch.

The focus was on learning about FamilySearch Family Tree, the relatively new "universal" family tree - everyone can be in it, and the goal is to have each historical person have a profile with vital records, life events, a biography, photos, stories, sources, etc.

The morning started with a greeting from Donna Jones, one of the center directors in the Media Room.  The Media Room has a presentation setup and about 20 Windows 8 computers for learners to use.  Here is Donna making her presentation:

And some of the learners trying to follow along with Donna:

FamilySearch Family tree was new for most of the attendees, and they had to register on FamilySearch (, and click on Sign In and then Register).  That requires a Validation sent to your email to be clicked on, and then the user can start working in FamilySearch Family Tree.

Donna encouraged everyone to add their own name, noting that all information about living persons is seen only by that registered person.  Then their parents and earlier generations if known.  Users should see if there are matching persons already in the Family Tree - and link to those persons rather than create a new person.

After the two hours learning about the Family Tree, the attendees took a guided tour of the FamilySearch Center seeing the classroom, the oral history video room, the microfilm collection and machines, book collection, and the computers available for free searching of many commercial databases.

Most of the attendees headed back to Chula Vista and met at the Marie Callender's for lunch and pie.

There will be another Research Trip to the FamilySearch Center in January.

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