Thursday, August 15, 2013

CVGS Research Group Summary - 14 August 2013

The August meeting of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) Research Group was on Wednesday, 14 August and had 17 attendees.

In the first hour, Randy shared some of the genealogy news from the past month and some of his recent research findings, using the Internet on his laptop and the projector, including:

*  The Story view in's Member Trees can be used to tell the story of a person's life.  This is likely to interact with the photographs on the 1000Memories mobile app.

*  Using the BLM Government Land Office website ( to find the land description, the website to create a Google Earth file, and Google Earth to find the specified land location.

*  Searching for a person with a common name - Hannah Brown in colonial Massachusetts - by finding candidate parents using vital records, probate and land records, and eliminating those that died or married someone else.

In the second hour, the attendees shared their research questions, challenges and successes:

*  Karen S. asked where she could find more information about headrights in early colonial Virginia.  The group suggested checking the FamilySearch Research Wiki, reference books on Virginia, and the Virginia Historical Society.

*  Bobbie described her two summer research trips. The first was to Hamburg, Erie County, New York where her immigrant ancestors resided between 1849 and 1855.  She visited the church building (now a home) and the school her ancestor attended.  She bought the "Images of america" book for the town also.  Their second trip was to Quebec where they attended the 350th anniversary celebration of the arrivals of the "Daughters of the King" in 1663.  She passed around the "Sent by the King" newsletter published by the historical society that included her article about her own "Daughter" and the mitochondrial DNA research involved.

*  Arline asked how she could find a website with a specific historical map.  The group suggested historical map websites, the USGenWeb county pages, and local genealogical or historical societies.

*  John pursued a green leaf Hint in an Ancestry Member Tree and found a lead for one of his New Hampshire ancestors in a town book available to purchase on  He bought two books printed on demand for a reasonable price.

*  Shirley found a Tioga County, New York book on that had information about one of her ancestors.

*  Virginia had a connection through her 23AndMe autosomal test, and added two more generations in her Fisher line from the mid-19th century.

The next CVGS Research Group meeting will be on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 in the Conference Room at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library.

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