Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CVGS Research Group Review for May 2013

This research group summary was written by CVGS member and Secretary Karen Yarger:

The CVGS Research Group met at noon on Wednesday, May 8, in the library conference room, with 12 attendees. In the absence of leader Randy Seaver (away at the NGS Conference), the meeting was moderated by Shirley Becker, who shared a number of internet resources to help us in our genealogical research:

*  The Internet Archive site http://archive.org/index.php  is a digital library collection of videos, music, and - of prime importance to us genies – over four and a half million texts. And it’s all FREE. There are, for example, the 1790-1930 U.S. census records, military war records dating from the Revolutionary War, and so much more.  Shirley also reminded us of the Way Back Machine on this site: an amazing way to access old sites that ‘no longer exist’ (but they do!).

*  Since we were discussing census records, Shirley also presented several other sites on which to find information: https://familysearch.org/  and others, including http://www.heritagequestonline.com/ , which we can access for free through the Carlsbad Library with a library card. We can even just Google “1900 US Federal Census” for more options. John Guy said you can type in (surname) Jones Family Tree  for several options to search. Don’t forget to try Google!

As we discussed various ways to search census records, Gary Brock reminded us that our CVGS home page http://cvgenealogy.org/  has blank US census forms from 1790 to help us read the various categories (see FORMS). 

*  Shirley also gave us a tour of another free site, USGenWeb  http://usgenweb.org/ , with a large collection of maps and resources listed by state.  Sometimes we just have to be reminded that these sites are there!

The second hour was a problem-solving session, with attendees’ issues discussed:      
*  Virginia Taylor, in researching land records, wondered about the term “perch”, which after group detective work, we determined was an obsolete term for an area of land (160 perches = one acre).

* Bethel Williams wondered why her great grandfather was listed twice on the 1900 federal census, once at home and 2 days later at his daughter’s. We suspected he was a laborer who may have worked from his daughter’s address during the week.

*  Kayle Guy was having trouble verifying the SSN and date of birth of her relative Margaret McCool.  The group worked together to determine that she was listed as Margaret A. Mitchell, and found several records for her, including a photo of her gravestone. Shirley also suggested she could request SSN info by checking  http://rootdig.com/ss5/   

*  Jean Taylor wondered how to respond to a post, and learned how.

*  Gary Brock had a nice surprise when he discovered in his mother’s estate papers four certified copies of his Roff grandparents’ birth, marriage & death certificates.

* Diane DiVincenzo had help from John Finch in finding her grandfather’s WWII draft records, even though the spelling was different within a few years.

*   Karen Yarger wants to research her colonial ancestors to see if they fought in the Revolutionary War.  Mary Lou gave some tips on accessing DAR records.

*   Members Mary Lou Montez and Helen Sauer both have Gaylords in their lines. Is there a connection? 

****  Which got us to thinking that the June 26 annual picnic would be a good opportunity to meet up with other members who share our family surnames.  We plan to have big poster maps (one US and one Europe) with a way for each attendee to list their name and show where their ancestors were from.  Getting together with others to share possible relatives will be fun!  The CVGS Picnic will be held at Gary and Wanda Brock’s home, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We are asked to bring a dish representing your heritage, a pedigree chart and $5. Call or email Dorothy Alvord (dja1224@cox.net ) to sign up and tell her what dish you plan to bring.

The next CVGS Research Group meeting will be on Wednesday, 8 June 2013, from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. in the Civic Center Library Auditorium (Note the time change/venue for this month only).

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