Thursday, August 23, 2012

CVGS Annual Picnic Summary

The 2012 Annual Picnic was held on Monday, 20 August in the Community Room at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library.  We had over 25 in attendance, including several new members, and two guests.  The theme of the picnic was "Who Is Your Neighbor."  

Tables for different U.S. geographic regions were set up in the room (e.g., New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, South, West), with the idea that persons with common locality interests would share their pedigree charts and, hopefully, find similar surnames and be able to share research interests and ideas.  Pedigree charts were shared with several tables.  

Several members had larger, foldout pedigree charts with up to 15 generations on them.  Member Randy Seaver displayed his large 10-generation Seaver ancestry wall fan chart (done by a calligrapher).

Several attendees found common names on the pedigree charts, were able to share research tips and tricks, and were able to have research questions answered by other attendees.

After everybody enjoyed their lunch and all of the sharing, President Gary Brock emceed a "Thirteen Colonies Trivia Contest" where the prizes were miniature Hershey candy bars.  The person who called out the answer to the question, usually in a Jeopardy format, won the chocolate candy.

To top the day off, we celebrated Gary's birthday with a wonderful chocolate cake, courtesy of Virginia Taylor, the CVGS First Vice-President of Programs who is home recuperating from knee surgery.  Thanks, Virginia - it was great!

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