Monday, December 19, 2011

CVGS Holiday Luncheon Review

About 30 Chula Vista Genealogical Society members and guests gathered at the Chula Vista South Branch Library on Wednesday, 14 December, for the Annual Holiday Luncheon featuring good food, good company, good humor, and gift exchanges. 

The society provided the turkey and ham and drinks, and the attendees brought yummy snacks, salads, potatoes, vegetables, casseroles and desserts to share. 

CVGS President Gary Brock opened the festivities by welcoming everyone, recognizing new members and guests, introducing the current Board members, and having a moment of silence for our departed members, emergency first responders, and Armed Services members.  After a very short business meeting, we had our luncheon.

The program was a slide show titled "Honoring Those Who Got Us Here."  Gary honored eleven persons - former Presidents, life members, and long-time members (more than 20 years.  The slide show became a guessing game, using photos of the honorees from childhood to present day.  In addition, Gary presented each honoree with a new nametag adorned with small jewels that represent 20 year member, past President, committee members, Board officers, education class attendance, and speakers.  As each honoree was presented, their achievements in CVGS were highlighted on the screen.

The eleven honorees were:

*  Dearl Glenn - a Life member
*  Dorothy Alvord - a 20 year member
*  John Finch - a Past President
*  Phyllis Learned - a 20 year member
*  Randy Seaver - a Past President, and 20 year member
*  Bernice Heiter - a Life member, a past President, and a 20-year member.
*  Shirley Becker - a past President, and 20 year member
*  Susi Pentico - a past President, and 20 year member
*  Nancy Smith - a 20 year member
*  Averill (Boots) Williams - a 20 year member
*  Helen Thompson - a 20 year member.

After the slide show, the gift exchange was held, then the drawings for the prizes (Phyllis and Fran won a Marie Callender's pie; John and Barbara won a Jimmy's at the Park gift certificate.

The Door prizes (donated by Dorothy Alvord, Susi Pentico and Bernice Heiter) were won by Phyllis Learned (the Santa), Fran Cornell (the Angel) and Joan Largey (the Nutcracker). 

This was a fun and happy time for our little genealogy community.

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