Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CVGS Computer Group Highlights - 17 August 2011

The CVGS Computer Group on 17 August 2011 had ten attendees. 

Randy demonstrated how to register for Legacy Family Tree webinars and how to access the archived webinars. 

Shirley demonstrated how to access the Rootsweb "Books We Own" site ( and how to use it.  Then she visited the U.S. Town/County Database ( and ended up in the WorldConnect Project family tree database (  Many sttendees worked in the WorldConnect database for awhile.

Next up was a demonstration of how to use the FamilySearch website (, including doing a global search and a specific collection search in the new site, and how to access the databases on the old site ( 

Lastly, the group explored the US Genealogy Web site ( and looked at the California GenWeb page (    

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