Saturday, July 11, 2009

CVGS Member Ahnentafels

Once in awhile, a researcher in another place does a search for an ancestor and finds one or more names in the Ahnentafel reports submitted by CVGS members. There are at least 15 ahnentafels on the CVGS website at That is the surname index list - click on a letter and then on a surname to see an ahnentafel.

We had an email come in today from a person who is a third cousin of one of our members. She also happens to be a matrilineal descendant of a purported Native American ancestor of my member colleague. They are already in contact as a result of the CVGS Ahnentafels and will, hopefully, help each other out. If they have the mitochondrial DNA test done, it will benefit both of them, and several other cousins too.

We don't get many matches from these ahnentafels, probably because we have so few. They are not difficult to make with genealogy software (except for Family Tree Maker, which won't make a clean ahnentafel list!), and they are text files so they are easy to add to the web site. Gary, our Webmaster, has a neat indexing program to create the Surname index that leads to a given Ahnentafel. Just think how many people we could connect if we had 100 ahnentafels, or a thousand online.

It's great to see our web site, and our effort to create and publish the ahnentafels online, pay off with cousin connections.

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