Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent CVGS Newsletters are on online

Until recently, the current Chula Vista Genealogical Society Newsletter was hidden from public view by a password, although earlier editions were available.

The CVGS Board of Directors removed the password restriction recently on the theory that hiding the current edition prevents online browsers from finding out more about the society activities.

The newsletters since January 2008 are online at

CVGS still prints the first eight pages of the newsletter and sends it by US postal mail to members who wish to have a printed copy and to societies and/or libraries that will display it and save it in their libraries. However, additional pages concerning computer-oriented genealogy information (software, web sites, databases, etc.) are added to the online version of the newsletter.

One advantage of reading the newsletter online, or downloading and saving it, is the ability to use graphics and color, and to have live links to web sites. We are leery of too many graphics because they increase the size of the PDF file.

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