Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CVGS Computer Group Summary - 4/15/09

Ten hardy Chula Vista genies celebrated completing our income taxes by attending the CVGS Computer Group meeting at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library today, including two visitors. Gary had another commitment, and Shirley had a doctor's appointment, so Randy was elected to hook the projector up and chair the meeting at the mouse podium.

Since he had nothing pre-planned, he asked for research problems from the attendees. Almost everybody had a problem to pursue, but we only solved one out of the 12 or so challenges - a Washington Death record from 1955 found in the Washington State Digital Archives.

During the meeting, we visited (often several times!) the following web sites:

* to find information about people or places

* to find information about people or places

* to find records in the Family History Library Catalog

* to find information about specific states and counties.

* to look for Quebec resources

* to search for user-contributed information about specific persons in specific places

* to search for repositories for certain books and periodicals.

* to lead us to death records in specific states

* for specific databases

* for specific databases

Unfortunately, the computers in the library Computer Lab are fairly old - probably 2003 hardware and software, and don't have Flash installed. This limits the genealogy web sites we can use during our computer time. The web sites that currently use Flash, and therefore cannot be accessed from the Lab, include, (Record Search), and the BYU Family History Archive at There are probably others.

A good time was had by all and we hope that everybody learned something today at the Computer Group meeting.

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