Monday, October 6, 2008

CVGS Research Trip to SDGS Library

Three hardy CVGS road-trip warriors enjoyed their foray on Saturday, 4 October to the San Diego Genealogical Society Library in El Cajon.

Nancy and Charlotte took a short guided tour, and immediately started finding books and periodicals in the stacks. Randy started off in the Family Tree Maker User Group meeting and checked out the stacks after lunch.

Here are Nancy and Shirley (SDGS helper) checking information in Texas-area books, right next to the copy machine.

Charlotte put in a lot of time in the book stacks - it seemed like she had several books stacked up to read all day long.

Randy checked for some New Netherlands books in the card catalog, and worked a bit on the computers.

We had an enjoyable four hours at the SDGS Library. This is probably the second best genealogy library in San Diego - more people need to use it!

Thank you to Marna, Shirley and Jackie for their friendliness in welcoming our little crew, and helping us get started.

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