Friday, February 26, 2010

CVGS 2009 Annual Report

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society Annual Report for 2009 was presented to the attendees at the 24 February society program meeting, along with the proposed 2010 budget.

The Annual Report included:

PRESIDENT (Gary Brock): 2009 was a very successful year for CVGS with the board of directors and volunteers working very hard to serve our members and the community. Our programs and meetings were outstanding, our membership increased to over 100, our newsletter and web site expanded and our cemetery and estate papers projects carry on.

PROGRAMS (Barbara Ibaibarriaga): has been Program Chair for most of 2009 and she will continue to be the Program Chair going into 2010. We have had several great programs and there are many more yet to come.

TREASURER (Paul Price/Jaye Wright): During 2009, 60% of our income was from Membership Dues compared to 47% in 2008. However, the dollar amount was about equal for both years. 2009 total income decreased 19%. Our 2009 expenses decreased 30% from 2008 and were below budget primarily due to lower speaker honorarium expense; but Donation expense was over budget due to a mid-year Board approval of a $250 scholarship donation to Chula Vista High School. The 2009 YTD income-expense from the Treasurer's monthly reports is on the other side of this 2009 Annual Report. Our Society's checking account balance as of 12/31/2009 was $1,884.25 compared to $2,558.27 at the beginning of 2009.

SECRETARY (Ann Stevens): Minutes of the General Society meetings and the Board meetings were taken, approved at each succeeding meeting, and posted on the website. Highlights of these meetings were also published in the newsletters.

MEMBERSHIP (Virginia Taylor): CVGS had 89 members on 1 January 2009. 19 new members joined CVGS and 6 members did not renew their membership to leave us with 102 members on 31December 2009. There were no deaths during 2009.

NEWSLETTER (Randy Seaver): 12 editions of the 10-page monthly newsletter were produced, mailed and placed on the CVGS website. Features included program announcements and summaries, Board and General Meeting minutes, computer and research group summaries, genealogy industry news and articles on family history research.

RESEARCH AND QUERIES (Randy Seaver): 14 queries were received during 2009, and responded to in a timely manner. The monthly Research Group (2nd Wednesdays at noon) averaged 11 attendees, helped members with their research problems and enabled members to share research successes. Four Saturday Research trips were taken in 2009.

PUBLIC RELATIONS (John Finch): Monthly flyers were distributed to local libraries and senior centers. Two programs arranged with and presented at Frederick Manor in what has been evaluated as highly successful presentations, emphasizing community participation. Development of a Society “post card” continues.

CEMETERY STEERING (Susan Zimmer): The cemetery committee had eight members who put in 348 hours at the cemetery in 2009, checking data as part of phase two of our project. At this point we are not quite halfway through the second phase.

ESTATE PAPERS STEERING (Gary Brock): The estate papers committee expended a total of 152 hours in 2009 on the process of cataloging six (6) boxes containing 1654 items of Joyce Parker Williams papers. The catalog is in digital form on computer and will be expanded to include a description of the disposition of each of those items and links to items which were scanned and saved.

WEBMASTER (Gary Brock): The website ( expanded to 227 pages of information about the Society in 2009 including: a new banner containing old photos, a new site search facility, a research query request page, a page to access current and past newsletters, an indexed database of Ahnentafels, and a photo gallery containing over 190 pictures of our members at various events. The Chula Vista Genealogy Café blog ( is online with regular postings.

COMPUTER GROUP (Shirley Becker): The Computer Group met in the computer lab at the library the third Wednesday of each month. Various methods were discussed and demonstrated to help computer users improve their techniques. Randy Seaver, Gary Brock and Shirley Becker helped with the demonstrations.

LIBRARY BOOKS (Bernice Heiter): In 2009, we received 18 donations for the library, mostly in periodicals, with no major book donations. The Society purchased 19 new volumes at a cost of $861.11 and all total 45 books were donated to the library in 2009. A Genealogy Reference Book List was developed in 2009 and is now available at the information desk at the library and on the CVGS web site.

LIBRARY LIAISON (Dearl Glenn/John Finch): The library meeting rooms and auditorium were reserved for each of our meetings and programs. New library policies in 2009 require facilities be reserved on a month-to-month basis. CVGS members were in the Family History book area of the library on most Mondays at noon to help members or visitors with their genealogy.

HOSPITALITY (Susi Pentico): Refreshments (coffee, tea, fruit, cookies, goodies) were provided for the Wednesday and Saturday meetings by volunteer members. The Holiday Luncheon potluck had drinks, turkey and ham provided by CVGS.

HISTORIAN (Susan Zimmer): The Historian has photos from most of the meetings along with filed meeting posters and agendas for the records. Special event photos such as the annual picnic and Christmas luncheon are stored. Paper copies of the year's newsletters have not been kept, but the Historian will make the effort to get newsletters copied to a CD.

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