Sunday, February 28, 2010

2009 CVGS Program List

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society programs for 2009 included:

* Wednesday, 28 January 2009: Ken Kramer: “About San Diego and the South Bay”

* Wednesday, 25 February 2009: Susi Pentico: “Black History and the Lost Colony Connection”

* Wednesday, 25 March 2009: Everett Ireland: “Federal Non-Population Census Schedules”

* Saturday, 25 April 2009; Randy Seaver; Seminar: “Finding Your Elusive Ancestors – Doing a Reasonably Exhaustive Search” and "Solving Your Brickwall Problems" Panel

* Wednesday, 29 April 2009: Shirley Becker (CVGS); “Digital Documentatation”
* Saturday, 12 May 2009: Pam Journey; "Beginning Genealogy Research" at Fredericka Manor

* Wednesday, 27 May 2009: Peter Rowe; “Newspaper Archiving”

* Wednesday, 24 June 2009: Joan Lowrey; “Did They Really Come on That Ship”

* Wednesday, 29 July 2009: Melissa Trew/Dan Haslam; “The History and Culture of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter”

* Wednesday, 26 August 2009: CVGS Members; CVGS Annual Picnic, "RAOGK Angels"

* Wednesday, 30 September 2009: Dr. Seth Mallios (SDSU); “The Lost and Forgotten Cemeteries of San Diego”

* Saturday, 24 October 2009: Susan Walter; Seminar “Every Life Has A Story" at Fredericka Manor

* Wednesday, 29 October 2009: Randy Seaver, “Genealogy Vacations”

* Wednesday, 27 November 2009: Georgie Stillman; “Heirloom Discovery Day”

* Monday, 16 December 2009: CVGS Holiday Luncheon, at Chula Vista South Library.

Because the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library decided in mid-year to close on Fridays and Saturdays, the Society had to move its Saturday programs off-campus, and Fredericka Manor volunteered their auditorium and dining room to host two Saturday programs that benefited both CVGS and Fredericka.

Looking back on the year, this little society of ours had many quality programs - some of them "first-run, never before seen by a genealogy audience" and three were presented by society members, as were the two Saturday seminars.

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