Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CVGS Holiday Luncheon was Fun!

The annual Holiday Luncheon was a veritable feast of food, camaraderie and stories. It was Wednesday, 10 December at the South Chula Vista Branch Library in the larger conference room. There were 31 members and guests in attendance, and they came to eat, exchange gifts and wish their colleagues a happy holiday season.

Unfortunately, the pictures taken with my camera came out poorly - so I'm hoping that either Gary or Susan will pass photos to me to post on the blog.

After setting up the room, picking up a door prize ticket and opportunity drawing tickets, greeting our colleagues, and organizing the food on the serving tables (there were salads, vegetables, potatoes, turkey and ham, rolls, and desserts, sherbet punch bowl), it was time to settle down. Susi Pentico and Shirley Becker organized the food selection and setting, with help from several other willing hands.

Outgoing President Randy Seaver opened the meeting with a Thank You to the 2007-2008 Board of Directors. He brought each Board member to the front, said several kind words about their position, and gave them a certificate of appreciation for their service. Randy also gave a short "State of the Society" address that praised the Board members for working together well as a team and achieving two excellent program years. Then it was time to eat!

After dessert, Randy installed the 2009-2010 officers using a script found on the Roberts' Rules of Order web site, modified for the CVGS framework. Gary Brock was installed as President, and Ann Stevens was installed as Secretary. Virginia Taylor (Second Vice President-Membership) and Paul Price (Treasurer) were not in attendance. After this, Gary gave a short speech thanking Randy for his service and encouraging all members to support the CVGS programs in the future.

There were six door prizes, courtesy of Nancy Smith, Susi Pentico and Shirley Becker. Each person received a door prize ticket when they entered the conference room. Six winners were picked - the prizes were a large Santa Claus decoration, a large Angel decoration, a small tree decoration, and three poinsettia plants. Then it was time for the opportunity drawing of the wrapped gifts. There were about 25 gifts available, and everybody seemed happy with their selections.

"The best genealogy experience of 2008" was the topic for the member sharing. Gary called on everybody around the tables to share a bit, and most of the attendees shared something.

Finally, we auctioned off the remainder of the large ham (about 50% was left) and a whole turkey loaf to willing bidders.

Many attendees brought non-perishable canned food and unwrapped toys for donation to the Salvation Army. Nancy Smith takes care of this every year.

Then it was time to wish each other a happy holiday, clean up the room and waddle home thinking that the food was really good and we had a wonderful time!

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