Monday, May 7, 2007

Specific Topic Online Research Lists

I really appreciate lists of resources on specific topics. Sites like Joe Beine's Death Indexes (, Birth and Marriage Records ( and Military Indexes ( are wonderful aids to genealogy researchers.

Other researchers and bloggers have made resource lists - I've been reading Valorie Zimmerman's genealogy blog for some time at . On her current page she has lists for:

1) Newspapers at

2) Ontario at

3) Timelines at

4) Creating Simple Websites at

5) Continuing Education for Genealogists at

6) Genealogy Blogs and Podcasts at

7) Maps at

8) Epidemics at

9) Ireland at

10) Old Photographs at

You get the idea - you can check Valorie's blog index at

My hope is that this blog can have lists of specific topic online resources so that the CVGS members can quickly find what they need to find online.

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