Monday, May 7, 2007

CVGS Surname List

One of the projects that the Chula Vista Genealogical Society is working on is a members' Surname List.

We have Ahnentafels (a list of ancestors numbered like on a pedigree chart) from about 15 members, and are going through the Society's collection of 5 generation pedigree charts to add more to the surname list.

The Surname List is posted on the CVGS web site at

The surname list itself is surname first, then given name, then birth and death years, if known. By clicking on the surname in the list, the reader goes to the Ahnentafel submitted by the member. If desired, the reader can contact the society to be hooked up with the member who submitted the Ahnentafel.

The Ahnentafel lists are given name first, followed by surname for each person in the Ahnentafel. The reason we did it this way - with the full names, dates and places of the ancestors - is so that the Search Engines, like Google, will pick it up. Most people search for people using first name then last name, and often search for the names of married couples. Our system works pretty well - we get queries occasionally from researchers with a common ancestor to our members.

If you are a CVGS member and want to submit your Ahnentafel, please contact Randy or Shirley and we will help you submit it for editing.

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