Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Research Group Summary - 10 January 2018

There were 14 in attendance at the CVGS Research Group meeting on Wednesday, 10 January 2018, at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library Conference Room.

In the first hour, Randy reviewed genealogy news from the past two months, including:

*  FamilySearch now requires a free registration to use any of their services - record search, research wiki, library catalog, Family Tree, etc.  They have added digital microfilm of many of their records for access through the Library Catalog, and some of them require access to be at a FamilySearch Library.

*  The Rootsweb website has been down for awhile due to a data breach on the servers.  They will gradually bring most of the services back gradually. 

*  Ancestry Member Trees have not been indexed since October, and the indexing does not cover trees without an attached Ancestry source. 

*  A new edition of Val Greenwood's Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy was published. 

*  Randy got a new HP Envy laptop computer for Christmas, has loaded his genealogy files, but the HDMI to VGA adapter doesn't work well. 

*  Randy found his own, his brothers and his mother's graduation photos in the new Yearbook Collection on MyHeritage. 

In the second hour, the attendees discussed their Christmas genea-gifts and New Year's resolutions:

*John and his wife got a Christmas card from a Fresno cousin.

*  Arlene went to Salt Lake City and the Family History Library and found ancestry books.  She also bought Dana McCullough's book Unofficial Guide to FamilySearch.

*  Virginia found information for her great-grandfather in a newspaper article on

*  Karen S. received a message from a DNA 2nd cousin match on Ancestry who is searching for her birth parents..

*  Susi is working through her 20 boxes of genealogy records in storage.  She received a gift from a cousin of a family photo album.

*  Bobbie reviewed her goals and added a new one for a brickwall ancestor.  She is using a book to find a list of relatives in Bamberg, Germany, and is working with a DNA cousin in London.

*  Connie bought an AncestryDNA test.  She is investigating joining the DAR and Daughters of Union Veterans from the Civil war.

*  Joanna is moving so she can hook up her computer to the Internet.

*  Gary is conversing with a DNA first cousin.  He has a wayward uncle on his mother's side who may have married after World War II.

*  Helen is working on three boxes of photographs, putting them on her computer and plans to send them to relatives.

*  Debbie is just starting, and is looking for information on her mother's grandfather from Poland.

*  Linda has scanned several boxes of photographs at the FamilySearch Library and saved them to a USB drive.  Some of them need to be repaired because of damage. 

*  Sam has a new computer.  He found that a relative was a World War I Army Air Corps pilot in France.  He asked "When you find a photograph on, can you use it?"  The group discussed copyright and provenance.

The next CVGS Research Group meeting will be Wednesday, 14 February 2018 in the Conference Room of the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library.

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