Monday, May 15, 2017

Research Group Summary - 10 May 2017

The CVGS Research Group meeting on 10 May 2017 had 15 attendees, including two guests.

In the first hour, Randy discussed:

*  Family Tree Maker 2017 software has not been released yet - there were problems with the sync with Ancestry Member Tree feature, and they are being worked out.  It may be released in the next two weeks.

*  The RootsMagic 7 software TreeShare feature (which interfaces with an Ancestry Member Tree and with Ancestry Hints) has not been released yet.  It may be in the next two weeks.  RootsMagic released a video showing the capabilities of TreeShare - see

*  Legacy Family Tree Version 9 software was released in mid-April, with many new features, including Web Hints with FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Findmypast and GenealogyBank.  This is a new release so users must pay to use the full capability of the program.  

*  AncestryDNA Genetic Communities, Shared Ancestors, and Shared DNA Matches were discussed.  Sometimes you can get an idea of the family connection from a person without an attached tree by looking at their Shared Matches with known ancestry.

*  GEDMATCH ( can upload your autosomal raw DNA data from a test site (e.g., AncestryDNA, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA) and provide DNA matches with other persons in GEDMatch, including a chromosome browser (which AncestryDNA does not provide).

In the second hour, the attendees shared their research problems, questions and successes:

*  Linda E. asked how she can solve an adoption problem on her father's side - they know the date and location.  The group suggested joining the DNA Detectives group on Facebook ( and asking for help.

*  Helen found a listing of "Austrian mistress" as a spouse in an Ancestry Member Tree and thought it was humorous.  

*  Susi has been using the We're Related mobile app to find famous cousins and Facebook cousins.  She and Shirley have 6 of the same cousins with the same common ancestors.

*  Jean had a success when she contacted the Rochester N.Y. town historian who sent church, burial and obituary records for her great-grandparents from their files.

*  Karen P. has an old Family Tree Maker file and program, and needs the new FTM program.  She wondered if the old file would work - the group thought that it would after being converted.

*  Bobbie is looking for death and burial records in Lake county, Illinois and will contact the local Catholic church and the historical society.

The next meeting of the CVGS Research Group will be at 12 noon on Wednesday, 14 June in the Conference Room at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library.

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