Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Books in the CVGS Collection

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society has over 1,800 titles in the book and periodical collection at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library at 365 F Street in Chula Vista, California.

 Thanks to the generosity of some of our members, and thanks to the Friends of the Library for looking out for us as genealogy books are donated to them, and thanks to our own Society for purchasing books in order to continually improve our collection, we have added several new books to our shelves. In case you are interested, you might want to take a look:

359.7097 MCH San Diego & Honolulu: A PhotoJournal through a Sailor's Eye, 1920-1943, by 
Petei McHenry

929.1072 KEN Genealogical Records in Texas, by Imogene Kinard Kennedy & J. Leon Kennedy

929.1072 KRU A Guide to Chicago & Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy by Jason Kruski

929.1072 PET Raking the Ashes: Genealogical Strategies for Pre-1906 San Francisco Research,
by Nancy S. Peterson

929.3 DOB The French in the Americas, 1620-1820 by David Dobson

929.373 ARO Wanted: US Criminal Records, by Ron Arons

976.4004 ZES The Captured: A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier, by 
Scott Zesch

978.1 RIL Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie, compiled by Riley County Genealogical Society

979.478 CHU Chula Vista-The Early Years, Vol. 1, compiled by the Chula Vista Historical 

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