Saturday, December 14, 2013

CVGS 2013 Holiday Luncheon Review

The 2013 Holiday Luncheon was great - excellent food, good gift exchange, some announcements, and Gary's video extravaganza.

President Virginia Taylor welcomed the 30 or so attendees and opened the festivities by inviting them to go to the food room where drinks, salads, potluck dishes, ham and turkey, and desserts were laid out for our feasting pleasure.  We feasted...and some went back for a second helping.  JoAnn and Dorothy did a wonderful job of organizing the food service.

After we had lunch, Gary had an intriguing and funny presentation.  He's getting good at this!  After asking the question "What is an ancestor?" he showed video clips from FamilySearch (children answering the question), another FamilySearch clip showing a Chinese family tree; and a Ray Stevens video of "I'm My Own Grandpa."

The next question was "What do we do as genealogists?"  Gary showed video clips from Genealogy In Time; from Jimmy Kimmel's show; a Lisa Kudrow interview on Ellen DeGeneres show; a Jay Leno clip; and "The Family Tree" clip from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Coming back to CVGS activities, he did an "Honoring those who got us here" series, showing baby pictures and having the audience guess who they are;  the first two were Dearl Glenn and Phyllis Learned, longtime members who died in 2013.  Then it was baby pictures of a number of longtime members (I recall Dorothy, John, Randy, Bernice, Nancy, Boots, and Helen).

Gary ended the video presentation showing the baby picture of this year's "Honorary Life Member" nominee and having us guess who it is.  It was Susi Pentico, a past President, and currently Education and Seminar Chair on the Board.  Susi was awarded lifetime membership and a certificate by CVGS President Virginia Taylor.

The two drawings were held, first for the door prizes of the Nutcracker, Angel and Santa Claus dolls, and then for the table decorations.  Finally, the bring-one get-one gift exchange was held with about tickets picked one-by-one, until all of the gifts were selected and unwrapped.

CVGS has had a very successful 2013, and this Holiday Luncheon sure was an excellent way to finish it off.  A great time was had by all, and the food was excellent too!

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