Saturday, September 21, 2013

CVGS Program on 25 September: "Photo Dating by Fashions" with Claire Santos-Daigle

 WEDNESDAY, September 25th 
 PROGRAM MEETING from 12 noon to 2 p.m. 
At Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library Auditorium (365 F Street) 

Claire Santos-Daigle on “Photo Dating By Fashions”

 In the field of genealogy some people inherit beautifully preserved collection of photographs while others have only Xerox copies or low quality photos found on the internet. Those genealogists with photos in good condition can arrive at an approximate date taken by the physical properties. Some photographs don't provide the physical property clues and what remains are the clothes and objects in the image. Claire Santos-Daigle has presented the topic of “Photo Dating” by photographic processes in the past. This month, she will be speaking on the topic of “Photo Dating by Fashions.” 

This talk will briefly cover the physical properties, then on to how to research fashions by covering fashion eras, fashion terms and available resources. She has been digitally restoring photographs for 12 years and realized through those years she developed a talent for determining the date of a photograph by repeated exposure and began to seriously research how to date a photo and uses her collection of photos to illustrate and provide this information, free of charge and accessible to genealogist on her website. 

Claire Santos-Daigle is the sole proprietor of "Photos Made Perfect, " licensed in the state of California, in Chula Vista. She and her husband Michael became involved with digital photo restoration when Michael started his genealogy in 1992, and in 1996 they began restoring family photos with photo imagery software. Family and friends kept saying "you should start a business" and in 1999 they did, with Michael's technical skills and support, and Claire's art skills, life experiences and marketing background. 

The primary customer groups are genealogists and historical societies, who remain loyal clients to this day. Claire is a guest speaker on the topics of "Digital Image Editing" and a natural byproduct of her years of experience with photos, she began speaking on the topic of "Photo Dating". As she participates in genealogy conventions, she encourage genealogists to bring their photos to be scanned on site at these events and she will contact them in a few days with a free quote. Many genealogists would rather not leave their photos with any photo lab or trust mailing them anywhere. No other restoration service brings their services to you.

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