Saturday, January 14, 2012

CVGS Research Group Review - 11 January

We had a record 18 attendees at the CVGS Research Group meeting on Wednesday, 11 January at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library.  

Randy started the meeting by discussing coming programs, the Spring Seminar, and the Family History Fair.  He also asked for topic suggestions for an Intermediate Genealogy class (Genealogy 201).  Three topics stood out - Citing Sources, DNA Tests, and Online Research.  Randy passed out a handout with his "Best Of..." research tips by record types.  There was also discussion of education via radio shows, webinars, seminars, conferences, and learning institutes.

Next on the agenda was each attendee highlighting one or two of their 2012 Goals.  The goals described included (without names!):

*  Citing sources better
*  Research the next generation on my tree, and research the "dashes" (family history events)
*  Become better organized - my paper collection and computer files
*  Learn how to use my genealogy software program (Family Tree Maker, Reunion, RootsMagic, Family Tree Builder mentioned)
*  Publish my research to a DVD
*  Put my research on paper into genealogy software
*  Research a specific line (e.g., maternal grandfather's line)
*  Scan, label and organize my pictures.
*  Get my computer working again
*  Dedicate one day a week on genealogy efforts.
*  Use my subscription to find records of ancestors
*  Prove the line so I can join "Daughters of the King"
*  Take the Genealogy 101 class
*  Increase my involvement in CVGS
*  Attack and knock down my brick wall challenge
*  Pick and use only one genealogy program
*  Do research at the FHL in Salt Lake City
*  Add content and sources to my genealogy database

Questions asked included:

*  What's the scoop on the 1940 U.S. Census?  Answer:  See January newsletter; images available on 2 April, FamilySearch/Archives and Ancestry will create separate every-name indexes, perhaps completed by the end of 2012.
*  For photo scanning, what resolution should I use?  Answer:  For printing, 300 dpi as a JPG is satisfactory.  For archival purposes, 600 dpi saved in a TIF format is recommended.
*  How do I import a GEDCOM file into FTM 2011?  Answer:  The Help button is your friend, and there's a book to help you.  Friends can help also.
*  Do programs have Research Logs?  Answer:  Yes, FTM 2012, RootsMagic and Legacy do - use the Help button.  Or use a word processor for each surname or ancestor.

In the sharing time, the attendees said:

*  Virginia found a shaky leaf on for her grandmother's marriage
*  Kevin's cousin sent information for two more generations, and Kevin found a third.
*  Mary Lou noted that members of some genealogical societies are permitted to go into their county records to research questions.
*  Ann went to Wisconsin to research, and shared research with an elderly cousin.  She also found a 1906 divorce notice on a Clark county WI website.
*  Bobbie shared three books that have helped her research, one on DNA research, another on Acadia, and the third on Lake County IL resources.
*  Randy had success with the San Diego historical newspapers just added to GenealogyBank.  He also discussed autosomal DNA tests and results.

This was a very fast and information-packed meeting.

The next Research Group meeting will be the second Wednesday of February, 8 February, at 12 noon in the Chula Vista Civic Center Library Computer Lab (note the location change, due to AARP income tax help).

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