Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book donations to the Chula Vista Public Library

CVGS Librarian Bernice Heiter reports these donations were made by CVGS Members, or by CVGS funds, to the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library in August 2010 and are now on the "Family Research" shelves:

Donated by Susan Pentico:

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Vol. 152, Apr, July, Oct, 1998. 929.374 NEW

Donated by Dorothy Alvord:

Ofield, Helen M. and Pete Smith. Images of America: Lemon Grove. 929.3794 OLD

Donated by Shirley Becker:

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Vol 135, #4; Vol 136 , #1,2,3,4; and Vol 137, #1. 929.3747 NEW

Tree Talks: Essex County:Abstract of the 1800 Federal Census and part 2: Clinton County Abstract of the 1790 Federal Census. 929.3747 TRE

Rode, Arlene and Jean M. Hanchett. Subject and Surname Index to Tree Talks Vol. 37, #1,2,3, 1997
Vol. 41, #1,2,3, 2001; Vol. 42,#1,2,3, 2002; Vol. 43, #1,2,3, 2003; Vol. 44 #1,2,3, 2004. 929.3747 SUB

Donated by Randy Seaver:

Arons, Ron. Wanted! U.S. Criminal Records Sources and Methodology. 929.373 ARO

Purchased In Memory of CVGS Member Larry Schultheis:

Walker, Charles M. History of Athens County, Ohio. 929.3771 WAL

Purchased with CVGS Funds:

Rhode Island Periodicals: Genealogies of Rhode Island Families. 929.3745 GEN

Bryab, Wm S. and Robert Rose. A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri. 929.3778 BRY

Rosengarten, J.G. French Colonists and Exiles in the United States. 929..344 ROS

Murray, Sonia Bennett, comp. The First Parish Register of Belize 1794-1810 and the First Four Censuses 1816-1826. 929.3728 MUR

Dupuis, Kateri (Teri), Don Cayen et al. St. Louis Catholic Parish, Fond du Lac, Wixconsin: Repertoires of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1850-1920. 929.3775 DUP

McLane, Dennis, comp. An Index of Irish Events in Dorchester County, Quebec (Frampton & Vicinity Vol.) 929.3714 McCA

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