Thursday, January 14, 2010

CVGS Research Group Summary - 13 January 2010

Nine genealogists attended the CVGS Research Group on Wednesday, 13 January at 12 noon the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library. Randy announced dates for the Escondido Family History Fair on March 6, the NGS Conference in Salt Lake City from 28 April to 1 May, and the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank on 11-13 June. We went around the table, and discussed these issues:

* Jaye is searching for the parents of her Noah Inbody (1834-1920), who was born in Ohio. Online trees indicate his father was Peter Inbody, but there are no original source records available, and her cousin's wife says the father is somebody else. The group suggested that Jaye collect as much information as possible about Noah - census records, military records, marriage and death records, siblings marriage and death records, obituaries, county history book biographies, etc. She should also post queries on message boards, mailing lists and genealogical societies to find other researchers who might have information. At some point, land and probate records in the counties he lived may reveal Noah's parentage.

* Virginia received the latest Legacies magazine from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, which was the "Mapping Pennsylvania" issue. She passed it around.

* Helen said she has worked on one of her resolutions - to organize her family pictures. With the help of her aunt, she has labelled persons in the pictures (all but one!), and will add them to her Family Tree Maker database.

* John's US subscription expired, so he renewed it by phone and was offered a $45 upgrade to the World subscription, which he accepted.

* Randy shared the Knights Templar membership card for Devier J. Smith, which he found in a scrapbook. He briefly described his research to identify the Seaver male that married Euphemia Marshall before 1880. He found Loren B. Seaver by finding census, city directory and newspaper data online, then corroborating it with Loren's mother's estate papers and a Westminster MA history book mention.

* Ruth is working on her resolution to manage her research better - she has started a Microsoft Project file to keep track of her work. She has access to court and family records with information about slaves, and has contacted the Afrigeneas organization to share it. She also has information on Andersonville Prison to share. Ruth calls her father every week and finds clues about family history in their talks.

* Dick is dropping for now, and is downloading his family tree into Family Tree Maker 2010.

* Dave is emailing with a distant cousin and has included him to access his Ancestry Public Member Tree. He wonders how to contact users who download images from his tree. The group told him that the MemberConnect feature tells him who has done this, and can be used to contact them.

* Gary has been using the Web Search feature in Family Tree Maker 2010 to find online documents in for his ancestors, which leads to source documents.

This was a spirited discussion group, with several good discussions about the issues presented.

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