Sunday, December 20, 2009

CVGS Holiday Luncheon Pictures

I posted last week about the Chula Vista Genealogical Society Holiday Luncheon in CVGS Holiday Luncheon Highlights and promised some pictures.

We took pictures of the CVGS Board of Directors - here are the officers attending the luncheon - from the left:

* Ann S., the Secretary
* Barbara I, the First Vice-President - Programs
* Gary B, the President
* Virginia T., the Second Vice-President - Membership

Unfortunately, Treasurer Paul P. couldn't attend.

The appointed members of the CVGS Board include - from the left, front row:

* Barbara I. - Programs
* Susan Z., Historian and Cemetery Projects
* Bernice H., Librarian
* Ruth H., Member Services
* Shirley B., Computer Group

The back row, from the left:

* Bob P., Ways and Means
* John F., Public Relations
* Randy S., Newsletter Editor and Research/Queries
* Gary B., President, Webmaster, Estate Papers

Our Hospitality Chair, Susi P., attended the luncheon (in fact planned and executed it!) but wasn't available for the picture. Our Library Liaison person, Dearl G., couldn't attend the Luncheon.

After all the food, drink and good stories, here are three of our genea-blogging members - from the left:

* Gary B., co-writer of the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe and webmaster for CVGS
* Ruth H., who writes the Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me blog.
* Randy Seaver, who co-writes the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe, and writes Genea-Musings, The Geneaholic and the South San Diego County Graveyard Rabbit blogs.

In addition, Susi P. writes the Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy blog.

More pictures coming!

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