Saturday, September 12, 2009

CVGS Research Group Summary

John Finch hosted the CVGS Research Group meeting on 9 September - here is his report:

Seven members and a newcomer, Kevin, came to the Research Group Meeting on 9 September and Kevin became a member before the meeting was brought to order. Welcome, Kevin!

John Finch facilitated the meeting in the absence of Randy Seaver. We began the meeting with introductions and John discussed the merits of Member Connect at Ancestry recently launched this feature that tracks others researching persons in your family tree and alerts you to that activity. For example, Ancestry will report if anyone has taken any information from your tree or added, to their tree, records pertaining to a person in your tree. The benefit of this is that you find out who has a mutual interest in your family and ancestry allows a means to contact that person, which could lead to collaboration. John pointed out that this is just one of many good reasons to have a public accessible family tree on line. Our own Ahnentafels,, would be a good place to start.

No one had a specific problem to discuss, but Joan had a document showing research of a Civil War Union Veteran, that may be of interest to another of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society Member and asked if we could pass the information along.

Dick talked about his trip in July to Wisconsin and Illinois for a reunion and family research. He had some good and some bad experiences in contact with various agencies in his search for records and documents. He had very good luck with and that brought on a discussion by nearly all of us as to the advantages of this site.

Shirley said that she is not making any progress now in her research and has encountered difficulty with her Pearsall, Miller and Sweet families. She is expecting to review a microfilm that may have information of the Pearsall’s that has not been previously published and is searching for church records for a New York State community.

Virginia has had contact with a person, a possible cousin, and is comparing family information.

Gary has been sorting through a box of old photographs and papers that had belonged to his mother. He has been trying to identify all the photographs, to make the task easier, he has been placing the pictures into eras and chronological order.

Dearl has been dealing with a family illness and unable to research just now.

Joan has been corresponding with a lady that she met on line and they have been sharing information. Joan suspects that this lady may have confused a great uncle as a grand nephew and asked how she might either prove or disprove the relationship. The group suggested census reports would reveal the correct family relationship.

Kevin had questions about use of internet sites and the protocol for placing family information online.

John is planning for a Fall vacation, driving across the Midwest, and the process to prepare for some genealogical research while on the trip.

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