Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CVGS "Estate Papers" Committee formed

CVGS has two "estate papers" collections - one for Joyce Parker Williams which was dropped on the library doorstep in the middle of the night and resides in a file cabinet at the library; the Chesley Cox collection of neatly organized notebooks was donated to the society and resides in a member's garage.

The papers in the collections are mainly pedigree charts, family group sheets, family papers, correspondence, unpublished research of other people, etc.

We have formed an "Estate Papers Committee" to deal with these files donated to CVGS. We want to make sure that these papers are accessible to genealogy researchers. The committee will determine the best way to achieve that goal, and then execute the selected method.

The committee chairman is Gary. Ann, Randy, Shirley, Bernice and Susi have volunteered to serve on this committee.

Contact CVGS via email at if you have ideas for dealing with these collections, or if you want to help sort them out.

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