Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CVGS Holiday Luncheon highlights

We had our annual Holiday Luncheon on Monday, 10 December at 11 AM at the Chula Vista South Branch Library. There were 31 in attendance. As they entered the room, they put the gifts on the table, put the Salvation Army donations on the floor, took their food items to the kitchen, were given a door prize ticket and bought opportunity drawing tickets for the gift exchange.

Randy Seaver started the meeting at 11:20, with a brief welcome, and he made sure everybody had tickets. He passed out the "Days and Times" survey (because the library killed all of our meeting days and times) to everybody and they filled them out.

Then it was time to eat, and everybody loaded up their plates with salad, ham, turkey, cranberry, potatoes, vegetables, rolls and everything else. There was more than enough food, and excellent variety.

At about 12:15, Randy resumed the meeting with a thank you to the kitchen staff and the cooks, then thanked everybody who has served on the Board this year.

The door prize drawings (a large St. Nicholas doll, a large stand-up angel, a reindeer basket of goodies, and three poinsettia plants) were held, and then it was time for the gift drawings - and that took quite some time even with no "stealing."

It was dessert time, and the choices were plentiful and excellent - pie, cake, cheesecake, cookies, fruit, etc.

Finally, we had the member sharing of their best finds, trips and stories for 2007. Ten people shared their stories - the spirit of genealogy research is alive and well in our society!

We then auctioned off the ham bone and the remaining turkey roll, and then adjourned just after 2 PM with many shouts of "Merry Christmas" and "Ho Ho Ho."

Thank you to Susi, Shirley, Virginia, and May for their hard work making the food service run smoothly, to Susi, Shirley, Nancy and Bernice for the door prize items, and to Nancy for managing the Salvation Army donations.

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