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Member Ahnentafel: Jessie Mae Detrick (1875-1959)

We asked Chula Vista Genealogical Society members to contribute ahnentafel lists for publication on this blog. The hope is that someone may read it, or search for a name, and thereby be able to contact our member so that they can share information.

This is a 6 generation chart for one of our members' grandparents:


Ahnentafel Chart for Jessie Mae Detrick

First Generation

1. Jessie Mae Detrick was born on 6 Aug 1875 in Liberty Corners, Bradford Co, Pa. She died on 15 Jan 1959 in Holdrege, Phelps, Neb. She was buried in Oxford, Harlan Co, Neb. Jessie married William James Gray son of Walter Gray and Mary Ann Hubbard on 25 Dec 1895 in Upland, Franklin Co, Neb. William was born on 11 Jul 1871 in Roseville, , Ill. He died on 25 May 1947 in Oxford, Furnas Co, Neb. He was buried in Oxford Cem, Harlan, Neb.

Second Generation

2. Hiram Detrick was born on 9 Aug 1851 in , Wyoming Co, Pa. He died on 22 Nov 1922 in Wilcox, Kearney Co, Neb. He was buried in Wilcox Cem, , Neb. He married Julie Ann Arnout on 14 Oct 1874 in Liberty Corners, , Pa.
3. Julie Ann Arnout was born on 15 Sep 1850 in Monroetown, , Pa. She died on 12 Dec 1936 in Tecumseh, , Neb. She was buried in Upland, Franklin Co, Neb.

Third Generation

4. Jacob Detrick was born on 18 May 1821 in Lower Smithfield, Monroe, Pa. He was christened in Lower Smithfield, Lutheran & refor, Church. He died on 18 Oct 1897 in Sayre, Bradford, Pa. He was buried in Tioga Cem, Athens, Pa. He married Rebecca Lee Tappin in 1839 in , Bradford, Pa.
5. Rebecca Lee Tappin was born on 30 Jul 1823 in , Trenton, , NJ. She died on 26 Aug 1912 in , Bradford, Pa. She was buried in Tioga Point Cem, Athens, Pa.
6. Joshua Arnout was born on 13 Aug 1813 in Goshen, , N.Y.. He died on 26 Aug 1859 in Monroetown, Bradford, Pa. He married Martha Chilson on 26 Aug 1832.
7. Martha Chilson was born on 2 Jan 1814 in Monroeton, , Pa. She died on 22 Feb 1895 in Upland, Franklin Co, Neb.

Fourth Generation

8. John Detrick was born on 22 Sep 1792 in Tunkhannock, Northampton, Pa. He was christened on 21 Oct 1792. He died on 5 Mar 1881 in Tunkhannock, Northampton, Pa. He married Mary Depue about 1820 in , Monroe, Pa.
9. Mary Depue was born in 1794 in Lower Smithfield, Northampton, Pa. She died on 9 Dec 1863 in Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co, Pa.

12. Selah Arnout was born on 12 Jul 1768 in Goshen, , NY. He died in Jan 1844 in Monroetown,, Pa. He married Prudence Knight.
13. Prudence Knight was born on 14 Feb 1773 in , , Pa. She died on 2 Oct 1822 in Monroetown,, Pa.
14. Samuel Chilson was born on 20 Aug 1780. He died on 4 Feb 1847 in , , Pa. He married Polly Benjamin.
15. Polly Benjamin was born on 4 Jan 1782 in Florida, , NY. She died on 10 Jun 1873 in Monroeton, Bradford, Pa.

Fifth Generation

16. Elias Detrick was born on 21 Mar 1770 in Mt Bethel, Northampton, Pa. He died in 1844 in Mt Bethel, Northampton, Pa. He was buried in 1844. He married Catharine Brotzman in 1791 in , Northampton, Pa.
17. Catharine Brotzman was born in 1770 in E. Stroudsburg, Northampton, Pa. She died in 1844 in E. Stroudsburg, Northampton, Pa. She was buried Old Stone Church .
18. Cornelius Depue .Cornelius married Susanne Chambers.
19. Susanne Chambers .

24. Jacob Arnout was born on 24 Mar 1725 in New York City, Orange, NY. He died on 3 Aug 1805 in Goshen, Orange, NY. He married Mary Morrison in Goshen, , NY.
25. Mary Morrison was born about 1730.

30. Richard Benjamin 3rd was born about 1755 in Goshen, , NY. He died on 21 Mar 1815 in Asylum, Bradford, Pa. He married Martha Bennett before 1776 in Asylum, , Pa.
31. Martha Bennett was born in 1750/1760 in , Wyoming Valley, Pa. She died before 1776 in Asylum, Bradford, Pa.

Sixth Generation

32. Johan Elias Detrick Pvt-pa was born in 1738 in Dresden, , , Germ. He died in 1795 in , , Pa. He married Magdalina Hartz in 1759 in Belvidere, Sussex, NJ.
33. Magdalina Hartz was born in 1741 in Belvidere, Sussex, NJ.
34. Nicholas Brotzman AfnL6x8-z1 was born in 1745 in Williams Twp, , Pa. He died in Mar 1826 in , Tioga Co, Pa. He married Gertrude Hertzel in , , , Germ.
35. Gertrude Hertzel was born on 24 Dec 1740 in Williams Twp, , Pa?.

60. Jonathan Benjamin was born in 1714 in Southold, , NY. He died before 1738 in , Orange, NY. He married wf of Jonathan (Benjamin).
61. wf of Jonathan (Benjamin) .
62. Amos Bennett was born in 1755 in , , Pa. He died in 1813. He married Anna Duncan about 1770.
63. Anna Duncan was born about 1760 in , , Pa. She died in 1814 in Asylum, Bradford, Pa. She was buried in same.


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