Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Recording Your Family History" Class

The Chula Vista Adult School (1034 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista) will offer a class titled "Recording Your Family History" on Mondays in Room 303, from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, starting September 10th until June 2008. The teacher will be Judy Helton, a CVGS member.

The class description reads:

"Learn how to tell the story of your family history through the latest software, search engines, photo restoration and Scrapbooking techniques. This is not an advanced computer class, but meant for the novice who wants to learn while producing an heirloom for generations to come.

"Judy Helton will teach students how to use the following tools to produce a family album or book of their own family's stories:

"* Family Tree Maker software data base to record and retrieve family information
* Photoshop CS3 to restore old family photos and learn to journal right on the pictures
* Free access to many search engines online as well as for existing research and archival information.
* Scrap-booking to be able to display in a variety of formats so you can produce a book/record of your family history."

There is no fee for this class, since it is an "older adult" class. The computers at the school will all have FamilyTreeMaker software so the students may want to bring their records on a portable hard drive or thumb drive. The only requirement is that each person will need their own database from a program such as Family Tree Maker or Legacy. There will also be on 25 of the computers as well as Photoshop CS3. Other tools will be made available as we need them.

This sounds like a great class for beginning genealogists and scrapbookers. Judy will share CVGS program information with the students each month and encourage them to attend CVGS events.

If you are a south San Diego County resident and want to avail yourself of this class, please go to the Chula Vista Adult School to sign up on any Monday in September. For more information, call 1-619-691-5760.

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