Wednesday, July 4, 2007

CVGS Research Trip on 7 July

The next Chula Vista Genealogical Society Research Trip is to the Carlsbad Cole Library on Saturday 7 July.

We will carpool from the Chula Vista parking structure (on the second level, midway between the two entrances - go up one level and look for a group of familiar faces). The carpool will leave no sooner than 8:15 AM so we can be there at the 9 AM opening.

We plan to leave the library at 2 PM so we can be back to CV by 3 PM. If you want a lunch, be sure to bring it - there are tables outside the entrance.

Xerox copies at the library require use of a copy card, which you can purchase at the library. The machine takes change and dollar bills - you load up the card with money on the card machine and unload it on the copy machine.

This library is the best genealogy library in San Diego County. The entire second floor is genealogy. One side is surname books, locality books and periodicals. The other side has microfilms and microfiches - with readers and printers (they use the copy card!). The microfiche holdings require you to check them out at the genealogy desk. There are also a number of computers with access to Ancestry Library Edition, HeritageQuestOnline and New England Ancestors, in addition to the Internet.

The Carlsbad library catalog is online at If you are searching for a surname or locality book, you might want to check the catalog before you go. When you are at the library, they have computers with the catalog on it. Some of the books listed are on microfiche - they have a format of G0123 - the G means a microfiche and the 0123 is a certain book. They have about 25,000 microfiches of surname books and locality books (many of which are now available on HQO and Ancestry).

You can sign up for a Carlsbad library card at the front desk for free. That will permit home online access to HeritageQuestOnline and other databases (but not Ancestry or NEA). Many of us have these cards - you have to renew them every so often, so I take my card, check out a book at lunch time, and turn it in right away just to ensure my card works at home.

If you want to go on this trip, please email me at rjseaver(at)

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