Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CVGS Holiday Luncheon Highlights

The Chula Vista Genealogical Society Holiday Luncheon today was a smashing success - there were 37 in attendance.

The tables were set in green and red, with small poinsettias as table decorations. The food tables were at the front of the room, and the gift tables were at the back of the room.

The food was wonderful - Susi organized the potluck part of it and brought in the baked ham and turkey from a barbecue place. There were vegetable platters, many salads, several hot potato and vegetable dishes, rolls and butter, and a dessert table to die for. Well done, faithful CVGS cooks!

Gary got the program started by introducing the 2009 CVGS Board of Directors, and pictures were taken of the officers and board members in attendance. He announced that the CVGS web site has a new search engine installed - try it out!

Next on the agenda was the member sharing. Gary went around the tables and everyone had a chance to share their Genealogy Resolutions for 2010.

John F. started it off with a bang - his three resolutions were to:

* get after the US Government that is hiding genealogy and family history records just to frustrate him.
* Round up all the people who are putting wrong information in online family trees and send them to Gitmo for waterboarding
* Ask God to strike one of his children or grandchildren with the genealogy pox - so that they can continue the family research.

The other resolutions were not as funny but were just as meaningful, including:

* Scan and organize photographs
* Organize the paper files
* Improve my genealogy knowledge and research techniques
* Keep in touch with my extended family
* Track down my ... (fill in the blank!)

* Learn how to use my genealogy software
* Teach granddaughter to use my genealogy software
* Take a trip to .... and look for records
* Try to find time to do more genealogy research
* Get the pictures and videos from our vacation trips organized

* Be more active in CVGS - attend meetings and events
* Finish up the DAR application for RevWar ancestry
* Reconnect with relatives
* Start using research logs to organize my search
* Help my brother with a large family reunion

* Scan my genealogy records and organize computer files
* Go to SCGS Genealogy Jamboree in June
* Go to NGS Conference in Salt Lake City in April
* Add source citations to my database entries
* Go to the FHC and libraries more often

* Update my web page and online family tree databases
* Clean garage and find suitcases with family papers
* Go to a family reunion
* Work more often at La Vista Cemetery on CVGS project
* Write for CVGS newsletter and blogs

* Teach genealogy classes and lead CVGS events
* Go to the Los Angeles Public Library again
* Enable CVGS members to collaborate and help each other

We had two drawings this year. One was for the gift exchange. Everyone who brought a gift received a ticket, and when their number was drawn, the person selected a gift from the gift table. The second drawing was an opportunity drawing. The big prize was a large ornamental Santa Claus statue donated by Bernice. An angel figurine, a small rosemary bush, and the table poinsettia plants were also drawn. Danna, Wanda's sister from Michigan, won the Santa Claus and the angel, and Wilma won the rosemary bush. Lastly, Gary auctioned the rest of the ham.

The attendees donated many cans or packages of food, and a lot of children's toys, to Salvation Army. They filled Nancy's SUV, and she delivered them later in the afternoon.

This Holiday Luncheon was a lot of fun -- we had a great time telling stories, eating delicious food, and sharing with our friends and colleagues.

I will post pictures in later posts from my own camera and, hopefully, from several other persons.

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