Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Live-blogging the Computer Group meeting

We had some problems connecting the control PC with the projector and the wireless mouse was not charged, so we eventually connected the projector to a computer that was working with a wired mouse connected. Frustrating to think the library has systems that don't work.

When we got it working, we tried to find Dick's family in the 1873 plat map for Dane County, Wisconsin. There are maps for each township in Dane county at He found the area in Westport township where his Ibenthal family settled after 1873. Then he found the map of Middleton WI on the site, and found the area he lived in in the 1940s. Dick also found a photograph on the Wisconsin Historical Society site for his Ibenthal family.

Several others worked on their own during the time the rest of us were looking for Dick's homesteads and haunts.

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